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When the engine temperature increases it alerts the driver to take necessary action as per guidance to avoid engine damage and keep it we maintained.

This system will show the real- time engine temperature on a digital display. When the engine overheats, the system will start beeping intermittently to warm the driver, and will start beeping continuously should the engine temperature keeps increasing , before the system finally operates the vehicle hazard.


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When a “Bumper Guardian” system is installed, the risk of a collision is reduced during maneuvers such as driving in reverse preventing backing into something such as another vehicle and damaging it, a garage door, or even a person. It also helps in situations such as poor visibility and difficult parallel parking.


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Motopro distributes its own new OEM spare parts brand Maxi-Pro
Maxi–Pro consists of:

  • Drive shafts
  • Brake Discs
  • Brake Pads
  • Air Filters
  • Cabin Air Filters
  • Oil Filters